“Established and aspiring choreographers working along the theatrical dance spectrum converge on Cielo’s dance floor to test out ideas in front of a rowdy, supportive crowd...along with a number of performers currently cutting up the Broadway stages.” — New York Times

I was approached by founder, Jennifer Jancuska, about creating a closing piece for BC BEAT in the Spring of 2016. I wanted to explore what makes a dancer. What attributes and stereotypes qualify someone to be able to dance and in turn then restrict our creativity as choreographers. 

Why am I searching for that perfect line?
Why am I playing into that dancers strengths? For them? For me? The story?

Out of so many questions came this piece I titled "Who Made You The Center Of The Universe?". Inspired in part by the music of Laura Mvula and also by the desire to step out of my own comfort zone as a creative and dancer. Thanks to Jen and the hard work of my performers, I was very privileged to close out this years program.

I decided to join a class in a school hall in Harlem, to learn West African dance. In a room surrounded by women of African descent of all ages, live percussionists and a genius teacher, this little white guy began to explore what dance meant to people of all communities, genders, physicality's and abilities.